To Your Training Success

The Momentum Physical Therapy and Performance Training team is excited to introduce the newest addition to our website and services. With the Momentum Performance Training website you will be provided with the most up to date information regarding performance training, nutrition, daily activities to enhance training success and more. Be sure to sign up for the email subscription on the right so when we post the newest information you are notified immediately. You will receive a confirmation email from, so when you see this do not delete it. Follow the directions to confirm you subscription and then keep your eyes open for all the newest information.

Next, we encourage you to take a few minutes to check out the website. We suggest starting with the MPT Difference Page then working your way to the MPT Program page. Within these two pages you will find lots of information, videos and pictures describing our philosophies, approach to training, how we are unique, how we have been providing optimal training results to the Momentum Performance Training clients, and how you could be experiencing amazing results RIGHT NOW.

The Momentum Team would like to offer a limited time, complimentary training session and performance evaluation to kick off Momentum Performance Training. Directly experience how training with Momentum Performance Training will undoubtedly allow you to achieve all of your fitness goals such as injury preventing movement enhancement, incredible fat loss, massive strength gain and power development, overall athletic enhancement and more.



If you are tired of fitness training without results, are ready to finally transform your body into the athletic and healthy body you have so long desired, and most importantly, want to accomplish all of this while staying injury free, email to schedule your FREE session. Make sure to take action today.  This is a limited time offer that will soon expire. There is absolutely NO RISK; only the opportunity to move, look, and perform better.




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