Nutritional Seminar September 13th: “Fueling Your Body For Performance

Need help with your nutrition? Want to support your local community?

This coming Tuesday, September 13th  at 7pm you can do both.

At Momentum PT on Main St in Milford, MA (141 Main St) learn how to…

 “Fuel Your Body for Performance.”

You will learn how to better feed your body to reach all of your goals whether it be enhanced energy, healthier blood markers and bodily systems (cholesterol, muscular, skeletal, etc), fat loss, muscle and strength gain, injury prevention and more.

You will receive a DONE FOR YOU MEAL/SNACK GUIDE that provides you with 5 options for every meal/snack during your day so you don’t have to guess on what to eat (that’s 6 meals/snacks worth per day for about 30 different options!)


AND you will be supporting the community program Project Smile (, a great program dedicated to helping children who have survived traumatic situations.

The seminar will be $15, but if you bring a coloring book or stuffed animal to donate to Project Smile the seminar will only be $10.

For $10 and a donation for our communities children in need, you will gain the power of knowledge about healthier, performance enhancing nutrition and receive a done for you guide on healthier, results oriented options…and there is always more, but you will have to show up at Momentum PT Tuesday the 13th at 7pm to find out.

 To reserve your spot for the seminar, simply email to make sure you receive your DONE FOR YOU MEAL/SNACK GUIDE

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