Fueling Your Body for Performance Nutritional Seminar: Recap, Thank You and Future Events

By Kyle Arsenault CSCS

As a team, Momentum PT would like to again thank all of those who attended the “Fueling Your Body for Performance” seminar last night. The support and enthusiasm for the event was outstanding, and we would like to recognize all of you for your donations  to Project Smile. Also, a big thank you to Kelly’s Farm in Upton, MA for the awesome platter (check out the picture below) and the Milford Area Chamber of Commerce for providing the all important projector.

We would also like to congratulate the winners of our raffle:

Kelly’s Farm Platter:  Colby Caso;  Hopedale Varsity Basketball player

Momentum PT athlete Colby Caso and teammate Joe Grillo

FREE attendance to next seminar at Momentum PT: Amanda Pickens and Evan Sisitsky

Bring a Friend For a Week:  Rich Sisitsky

***The Sisitsky Family made out pretty well!!***

Complimentary Kitchen Makeover or Grocery Store Trip:  Kelly Savage  (I will help Kelly pick out healthier options to enhance her health and performance, a new service at Momentum PT)


If you missed the seminar last night, it was a great turn out with lots of awesome information and questions…here is a brief recap on what we covered:

– Your body needs fuel (energy from food) to perform…so you have to eat throughout the day. Just like an empty gas tank, without food your body will not perform at an optimal level

– Carbohydrates are the main source of fuel, but must be controlled to establish consistent energy and to prevent energy spikes and drop offs as well as the potential for certain metabolic diseases (diabetes, etc).

– Eat “slower” carbs throughout the day in moderation for sustained energy.
– Eat your “faster” carbs around training/competition to enhance recovery and provide necessary boost of energy; another great benefit to training correctly and consistently just as our Momentum clients have been…you can have your “sweets” afterwards and know they are working in unison with your fitness goals. Remember you have to  “earn these carbs.”
– Try to always eat carbs with protein and/or fat. Make it a complete meal/snack.

Food is fuel!


From the great feedback, and the tremendously popular question of when the next seminar would be, the Momentum PT team is already working to put together the next event, which is planned to come in the next few weeks. Keep an eye out for details on Facebook!!
Also keep an eye out for the Recipes Book that correlates with the handout from last night, which will be posted on Facebook. And in case you missed the last blog, here is the link for how to construct yourSuper Oatmeal…a great option for a performance kick.
We would like to hear your thoughts about the seminar. Leave a comment below and lets us know on Facebook!

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