Register for the next seminar: How To Achieve and Maintain a Healthy Weight, Helping Community Members in Need and FREE STUFF!!

 Proven Weight Management Tips, Helping Those in Need and FREE Stuff!!

Mark down Tuesday, October 11th at 7pm on your calendar.

At Momentum PT on Main St in Milford, MA (141 Main St) learn how to…

 Utilize principles of weight management to lose, gain or maintain healthy weight

You will learn key tips and principles that will help set you on your path to a healthier body weight. Whether you goal is to lose weight, gain lean weight (muscle) or even better, BOTH, the information covered will jump start your way to success IMMEDIATELY!

You will receive a copy of the DONE FOR YOU Portion Size Guide and a step by step guide on how to construct your Power Protein Shakes. PLUS

If you register before September 30th, attend October 11th and had missed the previous seminar, you will receive a 50% discount on your copy of the Fueling Your Body for Performance presentation; a comprehensive seminar on how to utilize food properly for optimal performance and health, injury prevention and fitness goals. If you attended the seminar, register before September 30th, and attend the October 11th seminar, you will receive your FREE copy of Fueling Your Body for Performance.


The seminar will be $15, but if you bring two non-perishable food items to donate to the Milford Food Pantry the seminar will only be $10.

Register NOW to reserve your spot. Seats are limited and already going fast.

To reserve your spot for the seminar, simply email in order to move one step closer to achieving your body weight goals, receiving your DONE FOR YOU GUIDES, having a chance to win FREE GIFTS and helping fellow community members in need. 

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