Another Great Seminar at Momentum PT

Momentum PT would like to thank all of those who attended the seminar last night: Winning Nutrition – Healthy Weight Management for Performance and Success. The seminar was another great success that was full of great information, questions, donations for the Milford Food Pantry, raffle prizes and a great Grilled Vegetable Platter from  J&L Catering of Medway, MA.

The platter was perfect as it was not only delicious, but it was a healthy snack option for all of those who attended. If you need any catering J&L has many great options for every occasion. Check them out at


The J&L Platter was broken into too quickly to get a picture...but it looked, and tasted, even better than this!!


We would also like to again thank the Milford Area Chamber of Commerce for providing the projector for the seminar.

And to the winners of our raffle…CONGRATULATIONS; They won some great prizes including two 20 minute nutritional coaching sessions, two “bring a friend for a week” passes where the winners will be able to bring along a friend to join them in their training, free admission to the next Momentum PT seminar and a 50% off haircut as an awesome gift provided by Kerriann Williams of Salon Colour in Milford, MA.

And just in case you missed the seminar here is a brief recap of the information discussed last night:

–          When our goal involves weight loss or weight gain we must take in less or more calories than we expend throughout the day

–          Caloric expenditure is affected by age, weight, height, gender, activity level, meal frequency and more and can be manipulated by various methods as discussed last night

–          There is no better way to help enhance you fitness goals than the combination of efficient performance training (not becoming a “hamster on the wheel”…thanks Eric) and proper nutrition; they work hand in hand and without one the other will not result in the most optimal gains towards your goals

–          There is a certain ratio and quality of carbohydrates, proteins and fats that should be consumed throughout the day during certain times to better achieve your overall goals and health

–          “Replacing grains with greens” and “If its there you will eat it….good and bad!”

–          PLANNING, PREPARING, PORTIONING and PACKAGING your meals is critical

–          Being a smart shopper, using a list, recognizing certain nutritional pitfalls/traps and utilizing a food journal are just a few things we can do to address the nutritional piece of the puzzle

–          How to utilize these principles 90% of the time in order to feel, look and perform better


Pyrex: a great tool for setting up your meals/snacks for the week...Plan, Prepare, Portion and Pack your way to health and overall fitness


Again, this is just a brief recap. There are some topics missing from this list as well as the great Question and Answer session that took place after the powerpoint presentation was complete. But luckily…we recorded the entire seminar so you can have access to all the great content and Q&A as wells as the informational handouts accompanying the seminar. Email Kyle at if you would like a copy of the seminar.

And if you would like more information about the additional ways Momentum PT can help you achieve your optimal health and fitness go to the Supplemental Services Page…and check out Kelly’s Testimonial about her experience with the Grocery Store Trip at the bottom.

Thank you again to everyone involved in the seminar last night and keep an eye out for the next seminar. Also, be sure to LIKE US on Facebook (on the right of the page) in order to stay up to date with what is happening at Momentum.

We would love to hear your thoughts about the seminar. Leave you comments and/or questions below!!

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