Great Minds Think Alike

By Kyle Arsenault

Ok, so I am not saying that I have a great mind, but what I do possess is a drive to continue to grow and develop into the best human performance professional I can possibly be. For this reason I am constantly reading, writing and trying to implement the most up to date information about training, injury prevention, nutrition, etc.


Always Thinking...


But I am not the only one, and it is always nice when some of the top minds within the industry are reinforcing the same principles we are applying at Momentum PT. Over the past couple months Momentum PT has provided two nutritional seminars that were developed to educate our athletes (everyone at Momentum PT is considered an athlete in my eyes) about proper performance nutrition. One of the main themes was that it is the processed (man made/manipulated) carbohydrates that are really wreaking havoc with our health and performance. But, this does not mean ALL carbohydrates are evil and in fact NATURAL carbohydrates are an important component to a performance and health based nutritional program.


Not ALL carbs are evil, but beware of the processed junk...they will take a bite out of your health and performance!


Brian St. Pierre is one really smart dude that is constantly on the forefront when it comes to sports/performance nutrition. He has recently put out a two part series that describes how society likes to point fingers and make extreme generalizations when it comes to health and human performance, especially nutrition. In this series Brian discusses how carbs, just like fat, are not ALL bad and most importantly not equal in quality. Read Why Pointing The Finger At Carbs Is Missing The Point Part 1 and Part 2 to further reinforce the principles of healthy and performance based nutrition that we have been covering at Momentum.

And if you would like your very own copy of the Winning Nutrition seminar series that took place at Momentum PT over the past couple months, leave a comment or contact me ( Enjoy the articles and continue to question, research and learn…an educated mind is a powerful mind.

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