What Performance Training Can Do For You Part 1

Joe Grillo September 2011

Above is a picture of Momentum PT Athlete Joseph Grillo. Joe came to Momentum with a long list of injury history. In September Joe was on a downward spiral when it came to athletic performance and success due to a nagging knee injury, low back pain and a severe ankle injury that kept him from participating in his soccer season for his Junior year…not a good thing since Joe is stud in the game of “football,” and is looking to play at the next level.

After discussing with Joe the plan of attack on how we would help him address his injuries and simultaneously increase his athletic performance, Joe started on his own personalized program; something that every athlete gets at Momentum PT whether injured or completely healthy. It is this individualized attention and specialized programming that sets Momentum PT apart from other facilities and allows athletes (general population, middle school, high school, collegiate, professional) to maintain or achieve pain free living, enhanced performance (stronger, faster, more agile, etc) and overall athletic improvement.

10 weeks of proper programming and dedication with Momentum Performance Training

After 10 weeks of proper performance programming, implementation and coaching, Joe was able to return to play…PAIN FREE! And O Ya, he was much stronger, faster and more agile…not too bad considering just 8 weeks prior he could not play sports at all.

All it took for Joe was some dedication and hard work on his end, and with the motivation and guidance of the Momentum PT Team, Joe was able to transform his body, enhance his performance and increase his overall athletic potential.

Hard Work, Dedication and A Quality Performance Training Program

Stay tuned for part II where I go into some detail on just how Joe was able to feel, look and perform better in 10 short weeks! Also, keep an eye out for a special gift that will provide you, your friends and family with the opportunity to achieve the same great results as Joe. Taking action is the first step, and at Momentum PT you will find everything you need and more to take that first step and turn it into a sprint.

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