“2 Scoops of protein and a shot of HARD WORK”

By: Kyle Arsenault CSCS

“2 scoops of protein and a shot of hard work!”

This is how my brother, Corporal Shane Arsenault of the United States Marine Corp, answered the question, “What kind of supplement are you on man?” My brother has taken it upon himself to change his training habits for the better, with the help of a pretty smart Performance Coach…cough cough. Because he has been experiencing far superior results compared to his counterparts, they question what he has been taking on the side. They want to know what magic pill, supplement or hocus pocus he has to be doing in order to achieve the performance and aesthetic level that he has recently worked his way into. But as my brother’s response reflects, the magic pill is good ol’ hard work.

To try and discover the quick and easy, do nothing and achieve everything “magic pill” is all too often at the top of the list when people are searching for solutions to their problems. And not only when it comes to training, but life in general. We have become a society dominated by the concept that we should do just enough to get by. And this is unfortunate because anyone who has had success in life will tell you that they had to work for everything they have achieved…and they had to work hard. They had to be dedicated to the smallest of details in order to maintain forward progress. They had to ignore others when they told them they were “crazy,” or “you don’t have to work so hard.” They had to envision their goal and do whatever it took to accomplish it. And this is the way it should be.

And getting back to the training, if anyone ever offers you the end all “8 Week Program,” or the supplement that will take your results to the next level, please walk away. Leave them be and let them try to preach that garbage to someone else. If you want to reach your fitness goals, be ready to dedicate yourself to a few months of hard work, which will eventually turn into a new way of life. You will have to work hard and smart when it comes to training, make sure your nutrition is sound and understand that what you do outside of training is just as, if not more, crucial to your success than the training itself. And best of all, there are many quality professionals, programs and other resources out there that can help you.

The only road worth traveling

So just like my brother did, seek out a quality program and put forth the effort that it takes to finally achieve your goals. I know it is cliché, but there really is no better time than now. Tomorrow turns into next week, next week to next month and pretty soon tomorrow never comes. Health and performance deteriorate and quality of life diminishes…and no body wants that! Stay dedicated and drink your “2 scoops of protein” after training and you will soon discover that this thing called HARD WORK is the “magic pill” you have so desperately been looking for.

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Re-post:A Quick Hitter

By Kyle Arsenault CSCS

With the holiday season in full swing, I like many of you have been a little short on time so I apologize for the lack of blog material over the past week. Also in regards of the holidays, the same concerns arise considering health, performance and overall success. With this is mind, I thought why try to re-invent the wheel for Xmas and the New Year’s, so instead, I would encourage to re-read this post and the post mentioned (Turkey Day Tips) to help you survive the upcoming holidays. Have a happy holiday. More material (and a special project I have been working on) is to come in the near future. If you have any questions, comments or material you would like to see covered leave a comment below…


As a follow up to the Turkey Day Tips I just wanted to provide everyone with a quick training session you can perform on the morning of the ultimate holiday. What follows is a body weight circuit you can perform going from each exercise as quickly as possible keeping good form. Once you make it through the circuit, rest 1 minute and repeat for a total of 3-5 circuits. And if you are really ambitious you can finish off with the little extra at the end.

Happy Thanksgiving…(Just imagine a Christmas tree or menorah instead of a turkey)

Perform Full Dynamic Warm Up

High Knee Jog, Lateral Shuffles, Back Pedals, Skips, Jumping Jacks (get the heart rate up a bit)


Split Squat x8/side, Push Up x10, Lateral Squat x10/side, Side Plank x 30s/side, Squat x20 or Squat Jumps x12, *Push Up Walkout x6

*start with your hands in front of your feet and walk your hands out to a push up position and then back to your feet; make sure to control the hips from swiveling and dipping = stay tight in your core!

A Thanksgiving Training Session Leaves You Feeling Like A Champ...

If you finish and feel like you have a bit more left in the tank, and you are still moving well enough try to finish off with some sprint work…either on a bike, treadmill, or outside, try to sprint for 15 seconds, take a 15 second break and repeat for 8-12 rounds (or until fatigue causes you to begin to lose form).

So there it is, a quick hitting training session designed to manipulate your greatest training tool…your body! Get at it, enjoy your feast and have a great time with the friends and family.

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