What Performance Training Can Do For You Part II


By Kyle Arsenault CSCS


Just in case you missed Part I it featured Joe Grillo who made a drastic improvement in his athletic abilities, overall performance and overall health. Joe was down and out with multiple injuries that cost him his soccer season before coming to train with the Momentum PT team. With a combination of Physical Therapy and Performance Training Joe was able to overcome his injuries while simultaneously enhancing athletic qualities, body composition changes and basic health.

November 2011...10 weeks to athleticism, health and pain free play!

Joe Grillo September 2011...all beat up!







How the Momentum PT helped Joe overcome his injuries, increase performance and transform his body in 10 weeks!…

1) Individualized performance and movement assessment: Joe was put through a specialized movement evaluation to establish his weaknesses, specific dysfunctions and overall needs. From the assessment and Joe’s history, it was clear that Joe needed a program that involved both physical therapy and strength and conditioning. Without the assessment this would not have been possible to discern.

2) Physical Therapy and Strength and Conditioning: Joe worked with Kristin Mohr on a weekly basis to address specific weaknesses. Kristin and I were able to collaborate and devise an individualize program that allowed Joe to address his weaknesses while not sacrificing his strengths.


Momentum Physical Therapy and Performance Training Does It All


3) Joe’s Program: Joe spent a lot of time in his warm-up period correcting imbalances at the ankle, hip, and upper back utilizing stabilization and activation exercises that were specific to his movement impairments. Joe was then able to perform exercises to target power, agility, strength and endurance all while keeping his body safe and efficient.

4) Guidance and Dedication: Joe was not only training, he was asking questions and learning about nutrition, lifestyle, etc.  He took advantage of this additional information and applied it to his daily living. Because Joe was dedicated, motivation was constant and guidance/coaching was provided by the Momentum PT Team, Joe was able to make amazing gains in a short period of time.

He is now healthier, more athletic and was able to achieve some extra benefits (the beach body he often talked about) due to his dedication to the specialized programming, nutritional guidance and the unmatched support of the Momentum Team…and this is what true performance training is all about.



Joe Grillo and teammates Colby Caso and Tyler D’Urso GETTING AFTER IT!


Whether you are injured, completely healthy, looking to get back to sport or seeking to maximize overall performance, the comprehensive programming offered at Momentum will help you achieve all of your fitness goals. We would like to help you, and in the spirit of the holiday season, Momentum PT is offering a special promotion for gift certificates.

If you are a current Momentum Athlete, looking to become part of the Momentum family or would like to simply give someone the one gift that shows you truly care, Momentum PT would like to help you out. When you purchase a gift certificate for at least one month of training for someone who is not yet a member of Momentum PT, you will receive $25 off of you next program with Momentum PT. Just contact me at kyle@momentumpt.com to ask about the gift certificates or for any other questions.





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