Athlete of the Week is Back…And This Time There is a Prize!

Athlete of the week is back, and this time there is a reward! When you win athlete of the week you will have earned yourself a Momentum PT2 T-Shirt. So who won Athlete of the Week?…



Well, it has been a little while since Momentum named our last Athlete of the Week, so to kick things off again we would like to name a few…

Claire Delaney: A hard working mother turned athlete…Claire has dedicated herself to not only improving her individual health and performance, but the health and performance of her children. The Delaney Crew continues to get after it. Keep it up!

Cole DeDonato: A Hopedale basketball player who has been driven to make time with his busy school and basketball schedule and continues to enhance his performance even during the season. Hard work always pays off!

Connor Hebert: One of our many young gunz from Matt Anderson’s Northeast Longhorns baseball organization. This kid knows how to work and does his thing every time he steps foot in Momentum. With Coach Anderson’s specific skill work, Momentum’s Individualized Performance Training and Connor’s get after it attitude, Connor has been steadily increasing performance week in and week out. Watch out for this guy!

And the former Athlete’s of the Week, Zack Sisitzky and Denise Greenwood who could have easily been selected once again, your Momentum PT2 T-Shirt is waiting for you…



Who will be Athlete of the Week next? Keep up the hard work, dedication to your training at Momentum and your nutrition at home, get your family and friends involved in life changing performance training and you will hold the title next!

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