Got 15 Minutes?

By Kyle Arsenault CSCS

Here’s a question for you…Why don’t you train as often and consistently as you should (and if you do, what do you think prevents others from doing the same)?

Well, I have heard it all…don’t know how to train, don’t like training, don’t have a place to train. But the number one reason I constantly hear as an EXCUSE…lack of time!

Time, precious time….

I do understand that time is hard to come by (but not impossible) for a full time parent with a full time job, a full time student with a job, or a student athlete who plays sports or partakes in other extra curricular activities with a full load of school work, practices and events. But what I can’t understand is how we can let this get in the way of our health, performance and fitness because, well, without your health you really have nothing.

And for this reason, I am here to tell you that you do have time to train (or exercise, whichever terminology you prefer) in order to create a sufficient stimulus to bring about positive health and fitness adaptations. These positive adaptations include, but are not limited to, enhanced strength, power and agility, improved cognitive abilities, a more efficient immune system, a stronger cardiovascular system, enhanced movement efficiency and injury reduction, reduced stress, improved psychological well-being and more.

And all of this can be achieved in 15 minutes per day. You don’t need fancy weight machines, expensive treadmills, ellipticals or bikes. You don’t need an intricate training program that has you completing 40 sets of exercises all designed to one body part and 2 hours at the gym. All you need is your own bodyweight, a little free space, 15 minutes and a bit of determination.

Try the following and enjoy a quick hitter that will force your body to adapt, grow stronger and have you on your way to healthier, performance based body. Always keep in mind proper movement and preparation throughout the entire 15 minutes!

Warm Up and Activation (5 Minutes)

                Side Lying Clam x10/side, Glute Bridge x10, Plank x 30s, Wall Slide x8, Jumping Jacks x 30s

*20 Bodyweight Squats (can perform squat jumps if conditioned) paired with 15 Push Ups (Elevate hands to make it easier or feet to make it harder) x 10 minutes

Go all out for 10 minutes, jump in the shower and get after the rest of your day. This can also be used as a planned off day program.

If you still don’t think you have 15 minutes, you need to take a step back and take a good long look at your life. I bet there is something that can/should be removed (TV time, Facebook posting, Tweeting, Texting or maybe even work itself) and replaced with a few short minutes of performance enhancing training. These 15 minutes a day will undoubtedly improve your health, performance and looks as long as the rest of your day is composed of healthy, performance based habits.

Time is no longer an excuse…take 15 minutes and get after it!

*You can and should perform other compound exercises on consecutive days or even perform another quick 15 minute session of different exercises within the same day for a bit more volume

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