Local Health and Fitness Tips: Prezo Grille and Bar and Core Training

Prezo’s Health and Fitness Column

By Kyle Arsenault CSCS 

Decrease your waistline, strengthen your core and improve your overall health


                I have recently been granted the opportunity to provide a health and fitness piece for my favorite local restaurant….Prezo Grille & Bar! Prezo’s immediately became my “go to” for a great lunch and dinner, and for good reason. The extensive menu is crammed full of some of the tastiest dishes I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. The atmosphere is outstanding and the Prezo’s staff is second to none. And there is one more key factor that places Prezo’s head and shoulders above the rest (among the many more I didn’t mention like the amazing buffet, great bar and lounge, etc) …

As a Strength and Conditioning and Performance Coach with Momentum Physical Therapy and Performance Training in downtown Milford, I only have to travel a couple of miles to indulge in an extraordinary meal that is extremely healthy (unless I am out for a cheat meal, but that will be covered in a future post)! With a tasty, healthy meal I set myself up for an easier path to staying lean and fit. So let’s get to it and start from the beginning….An amazing Prezo’s appetizer that is kind to your waistline and health, followed by a few exercises that are far superior when looking to achieve the lean, strong midsection you truly want.

Better Beginning provided by Prezo’s

When looking for a great opening to your meal that is not only low calorie and nutritious but also extremely tasty, look no further than Prezo’s Thai Lettuce Wraps. Satayed chicken strips, carrots, bean sprouts, marinated rice noodles, lettuce leaves and three spicy Thai sauces…sounds pretty delicious and healthy (and trust me it is!). Let’s break it down and see how just how each of these ingredients will benefit your health.

1)      Chicken: A low fat, low calorie source of meat, chicken provides a significant amount of complete proteins that are critical for growth and repair of the body’s cells. The vitamin and mineral content of chicken helps to boost immunity, maintain a healthy nervous system and regulate metabolism…all of which are extremely important for a healthy, lean body.

2)      Carrots: Among the richest source of beta-carotene which aids in vision, healthy digestion and cancer prevention, carrots supply a significant amount of Vitamin A, C, E and K. The vitamin content helps to prevent heart disease, speed post exercise recovery (which is important for the exercises that follow), keep skin healthy, boost immunity and buffer the aging and damaging effects of free radicals.

3)      Bean Sprouts: As a rich source of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and fiber bean sprouts have a positive effect on cardiovascular health, digestion, liver health, stress reduction and energy levels among others. Not to mention they add a tender crunch to most any dish.

4)      Lettuce: Although lettuce has not been highlighted as providing a ton of nutritional power it does contain nutrients that play a key role in preventing birth defects and encouraging heart health (folic acid),maintaining fluid balance (potassium), bolstering immunity (vitamin C and beta-carotene) and also has been known to contain a natural sedative that induces sleep.

As you can see, the key ingredients in the Thai Lettuce Wraps at Prezo’s provide a substantial amount of health promoting nutrients that are delivered in a low calorie, midsection friendly, savory dish. Doesn’t get much better!

The top 3 exercises to strengthen and flatten your midsection


Now that you know which Prezo’s appetizer will be conducive to your health, fitness and midsection, lets cover the top three exercises you need to be doing in order to strengthen and trim that core…and you won’t find the classic “crunch” on the list.

In order to maximize core stability, strength and calorie burning you have to use as much muscle at one time as possible. For these reasons, the crunch is not ideal and is actually detrimental as it does not use the entire core as it is designed. The following exercises maximize core stability, strength and will require your body to burn way more calories than the common crunch.

Try performing the following three exercises one after another for 3 rounds as a quick core circuit or as an addition to your training program.

1)      Plank from Forearms               Hold for 30-60s

Tips: Keep your back straight, elbows right under the shoulders and don’t let the hips sag towards the floor.

2)      Side Plank           Hold for 30-60s per side

Tips: Keep your back straight, elbow right under the shoulder and don’t let the hips sag or bend.

3)      Anti-Rotation Press         10 reps per side (face the other direction)

Tips: Push the hands straight out from the chest and don’t allow the body to rotate by squeezing the core (stomach) and hips (butt).



Choosing the right opening to your meal at Prezo’s, and performing proper core training as described above will help you on your path to achieving a healthy, strong and fit midsection. Addressing nutrition and strengthening your core is the first step to optimal health, performance and looks…and Prezo’s and Momentum Physical Therapy and Performance Training are here to help you get started.

Leave your thoughts, comments and questions below and be sure to check back in for more nutrition, health and fitness tips in the next issue of Prezo’s Newsletter.



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