Leaking No More

By Kyle Arsenault CSCS

Over the past few weeks I have presented to you a series of articles that discussed and addressed energy leaks. If you have no clue what I am talking about, and have not yet read Part I, Part II or Part III, I would encourage you to do so before reading the rest of this blog. They cover the most common regions of the body, that when adequately addressed via proper training / exercise, limit faulty movement, making you less susceptible to injury which allows you to achieve maximal results from training (strength and power gain, enhanced speed and agility, fat loss and muscle gain, etc.).

I will let you check those out in depth, but I know many of you do not have the time right now. So for an extremely quick recap…you have to properly train the core / trunk, hips (butt/glutes, lateral rotators, etc.) and thoracoscapulohumeral region (upper back, shoulder blade and shoulder) to ensure proper movement and limit energy lost during training and/or sport (these are the most common regions but not exclusive!).

When you do so through proper training, energy leaks are “plugged” through efficient movement. The timing and strength of the muscles that move the joints are optimized leaving you with efficient movement, enhanced strength and greater power. Not to mention a higher level of coordination, balance, mobility, stability and more. When all of these parameters are improved, you will experience a greater level of injury prevention, enhanced overall athleticism, and when nutrition is taken care of, a physique that the Greek Gods would be jealous of (or Goddesses for the ladies)!

So let’s take a quick look at a before and after example of a Momentum Athlete who fixed his energy leaks and addressed his nutrition with a specialized program that combined principles of both physical therapy, strength and conditioning and performance based nutrition. That’s what I call true performance training!!

Meet Steve, Milford High School quarterback and pitcher.  Steve came to Momentum with a history of shoulder pain; not good when your sports require you to perform repeated high velocity overhead throws (tossing a football and pitching a baseball).

Steve Before: shoulder pain, decreased performance

Steve After 2 Months of Performance Training with Momentum PT: pain free, athletic and 15lbs heavier!

Conventional lifting (at the gym with his buddies) was causing Steve to further exacerbate his issues and the advice he had heard from others about “strengthening his rotator cuff” was flawed.  What Steve needed was to fix his energy leaks, from the core and hips to the thoracoscaupulohumeral junction.

While targeting Steve’s shoulder was definitely a piece to the puzzle, if Steve did not fix his other weaknesses (energy leaks) he would have continued to experience pain, decreased performance and significant injury.  Without addressing the other energy leaks and movement faults, Steve’s shoulder would have continued to fall victim of the demands of his sport and his flawed movement. Eventually Steve would have experienced back pain, knee pain, elbow pain and more… common symptoms that precede injury and limit performance.

Don’t be left banging your head against the wall with poor training

But with the programming, coaching and guidance from Momentum, Steve utilized his outstanding work ethic and dedication and built himself a body that every athlete should strive for. He targeted his energy leaks throughout his entire body, leaving him with a body that is pain free, strong, powerful and one that utilizes efficient movement for optimal performance…not to mention 15lbs heavier due to a little extra lean mass (yep, 15lbs of MUSCLE in 2 months). He improved his movement, is the strongest he has ever been, is pitching at the highest velocity he has ever pitched and continues to feel great.

Athletes must address their weaknesses by” plugging” their energy leaks with an individualized training program. When they do so results are more than favorable and will provide them with the greatest opportunity to succeed in sport and life. That is what true performance training delivers, and is what every athlete (competitive and recreational alike) has the right to experience. So fix those leaks and experience pure performance!

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