Local Health and Fitness Tips: Prezo Grille and Bar and Momentum PT Save You Time and Your Health

By: Kyle Arsenault CSCS

Momentum Physical Therapy and Performance Training

What prevents most individuals from eating well and exercising on a regular basis? There are a multitude of reasons, but a few of the top reasons I constantly am told include:

1)      Lack of knowledge on what healthy nutrition actually is or how to exercise properly to achieve goals without sustaining injury (Through these articles I am taking care of that part for you!).

2)      Lack of time.

3)      You just plain out hate the thought of healthy food and exercise…sorry but there is only so much I can do to help you with that one!

Since I can’t help you with reason #3, unless you visit me at Momentum Physical Therapy in Milford and start your specialized training program, I will focus on reason #1 and #2. With every Local Fitness and Health Tips article Prezo Grille and Bar and I provide for you, you are gaining knowledge about health, nutrition, fitness and training…so we can check that off the list too.

That leaves us with reason #2; LACK OF TIME! This is a common excuse for not taking care of your health and fitness with proper nutrition and exercise, but luckily for you, Prezo Grille and Bar and I are going to help you with this right now. Let’s get to it!

No Time to Cook a Healthy and Delicious Meal? Prezo Grille and Bar has you covered with a great take out option!…Enter Prezo’s Pizza!

“Wait what, are you crazy Kyle? You are telling me that pizza is healthy?”

Yep, I am…Well, it can be and Prezo’s has done it! Prezo’s offers an awesome option for the busy individual, chaotic family or anyone who just doesn’t feel like cooking on a Friday night after a long week at work.

At Prezo Grille and Bar you can create your own specialty pizza, and best of all, you can choose to have your masterpiece constructed atop a Gluten free crust. You may have heard about Gluten, as it has been a “hot topic” in the health world recently. But if you haven’t don’t worry. Here is an extremely brief summary:

Gluten is a protein found in foods that are processed from wheat and other grain species. Although some have severe adverse reactions when Gluten is consumed (those with celiac disease) it is shown that even without celiac disease Gluten is not the best when it comes to gut health (gastrointestinal / digestion). With poor gut health, nutrients from foods are not optimally absorbed and utilized and when this happens there is a dramatic decline in energy levels, performance, recovery, mood…pretty much everything you need to live a quality life.

Not the best when it comes to your gut health.

But, like most everything else it does come down to the individual, as some can tolerate Gluten very well. However, in many cases I have read about and observed first hand, even those who do not have a diagnosed intolerance to Gluten benefit from limiting Gluten consumption.

So Prezo Grille and Bar is again looking out for your health and performance by offering a delicious Gluten Free Pizza. Build your own and top it with Feta or Goat cheese, grilled chicken (click here to read about the benefits of chicken) and load it up with your choice of vegetables for the healthiest options. Of course you can’t eat the whole pizza and still consider it a healthy option! Try pairing a piece or two with Prezo’s Dinner Garden Salad and enjoy a time and health saving, delicious meal.

Prezo’s Gluten Free Pizza…Saving you time and your health!!

Then with the extra time Prezo’s saves you, prepare yourself for 15-20 minutes of training (exercise) that will provide your body with even more health, performance and aesthetic benefits than your traditional “cardio.”

Traditional cardio where you pick a machine (treadmill, bike, elliptical, etc.) and go at a comfortable pace for an hour is not only extremely boring (to many but not everyone), but it is also extremely time consuming. And to make it even worse, traditional cardio is an inferior method to training when it comes to achieving optimal health, performance and looks (click here to check out a recent piece on the topic).

And since this article is about saving you time while boosting performance and looks, here is what you can  do instead…INTERVAL TRAINING.

You have probably heard the term interval training as it has been a topic commonly discussed over the past decade, and for good reason. In a nutshell, interval training is performing short bursts of higher intensity exercise broken up by short recovery periods. This type of training not only forces your body to more efficiently adapt and progress (become stronger, more powerful, leaner, etc.) but it requires far less time to complete (you can’t work at the high intensities for long!).

Interval training enhances time efficiency…and performance!

Interval training is something we have been using at Momentum Physical Therapy and Performance Training to prepare our athletes for sport specific demands, as well as to help our general population clients lose fat, gain muscle, enhance health and become fit. Here are a few examples and variations of how to perform interval training.

1)      Treadmill, bike (Airdyne is best), elliptical: choose your equipment and work at predetermined intervals. To begin try going as hard as you can (SPRINT!) for 20 seconds, then slow to a comfortable pace for 40 seconds and then repeat. Repeat for 5-15 rounds (5-15 minutes) depending on your fitness level.


You don’t need to watch the whole video to see how the intervals work! Fast, slow, fast, slow…


2)      Body Weight Circuits: String together a few body weight movements and perform them as quickly as possible with perfect form. Rest for a short period and repeat. An example circuit is 20 bodyweight squats, 10 push-ups 10 lateral bounds and 10 inverted rows as quick as possible, rest and repeat.


A Momentum Athlete getting after a body weight circuit!

3)      Specialty Circuits: These circuits can include Medicine Ball Circuits, Sled Circuits, Kettlebell Circuits, Battle Rope Rounds, etc. or a combination. Again perform the exercises as quickly as possible for predetermined reps or time, rest and repeat.



Battle Ropes at Momentum PT…A Momentum favorite!

**Always make sure to warm up and address individual weaknesses before performing interval training. For more help on how to design the best program for your needs and goals please contact me at kyle@momentumpt.com or call Momentum at 508-422-0101. You can also stop by as we are located on 141 Main St in Milford, MA.

So for a great dish that saves you your health, time and effort, build your own Gluten Free Pizza from Prezo’s. And to achieve the results you have always wanted from a training / exercise routine, try performing interval training along with addressing your specific needs.

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