Seminar at Momentum PT: Nutrition for Performance and Health

Performance Nutrition Seminar for the Youth Athlete


Other than proper performance training, the missing component for optimal health, performance and success is healthy, performance based nutrition.

Don’t let you or your youth athlete fall victim to poor nutrition. Join Momentum PT Wednesday April 11th at 7pm for the Performance Nutrition Seminar!

 -The athlete, parent and anyone else who attends will learn about proper nutrition and why it is so crucial to success on the field and off.

-Better options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks…eat this not that!

-What an athlete (and really everyone) should consume around training and competition to ensure optimal energy, performance and recovery.

From a parent who attended the last seminar with her youth athlete…

“Molly really likes to compete and she REALLY likes to win!  So, I’ve been telling her for a while now that she needs to fuel her body with the right stuff if she wants an edge in running, swimming, etc. because the competition is just going to get tougher as she gets older.  Some of the information you covered last night is what I have been trying to get across to her as well, but I think it is so helpful for kids this age to get information from someone other than their parents…it really validates the message.  So hearing this important information from you was very helpful.  Her Dad asked her what she thought of the presentation and she said “It was great” without hesitating, so I think you were able to reach the kids in the audience in addition to the adults.  On the way home she mentioned that she wanted to try some of the shake recipes that you talked about.  I think providing the recipes and charts is a great idea so we can start putting your advice to practice.”

The seminar will take place at Momentum PT Wednesday April 11th at 7pm. Admission is $10 per person and a percentage of the proceeds will towards the Sharon Timlin Race for ALS Research.

Space is limited so please call Momentum PT at 508-422-0101 or email Kyle at to reserve your seats.

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