Fix Your Morning…Get Out of Zombie Mode

By: Kyle Arsenault CSCS


You roll over, rub your eyes and murmur to yourself, “I can’t wait to be back in bed tonight.”

You scramble out of bed, head to the bathroom and jump in the shower. After a quick rinse, you dry off and stumble around like a zombie as you struggle to put on your work  (or school) clothes.

You grab a mug of coffee and a “real fruit” breakfast bar (which is just processed sugar stuffed with sugar infused fruit mush…so straight sugar, which we know is no good for health and performance).

You toss your briefcase (or backpack) in the car and still in zombie mode, which you will be in for the remainder of the morning, head off to work (or school).

If this sounds all too familiar, your morning activities are setting you up for a “zombie like” morning that is not only destroying your physical health, but also your mental well-being. To fix your morning and set you up for a successful, healthy and performance based day, just follow the outline presented below.

Your Morning Fix

1)      Start waking up a few minutes earlier: Believe me, waking up 10-15 minutes earlier will not kill you and will in fact make you feel much better as you will be able to follow the steps below without the “rush”…just get to bed a few minutes earlier!

2)      Try to get to bed and wake up within an hour of the same time EVERY DAY: In doing this you will regulate your circadian rhythm which will allow for a more restful nights rest and as a result, a more energized morning. Also, after a few weeks, doing so allows you to…

3)       Wake up without the alarm clock: When you wake up, GET UP. I have not awaken to the annoying sound of my alarm clock in over 6 months and let me tell you, it is much more pleasant. I still set the alarm just in case, but when I wake up 10 minutes before my alarm, I make sure to get up right away and not play the “just five more minutes” game…and I feel much better for it.

Stop relying on the alarm clock...get up when you wake up!

4)      Get a tall glass of cold water: Most of us wake up dehydrated and then walk around all morning in a dehydrated state, which is the easiest way to reduce performance and remain in zombie mode. Head to the kitchen, grab a tall glass of cold water, your vitamin D and fish oil and drink it down. This will help kick start system rehydration and therefore help kick start your performance.

5)      MOVE: Take 5 to 10 minutes to move. If you can go for a quick walk…the sound of the morning birds singing and the feeling of the crisp morning air will undoubtedly bring a smile to your face and begin your day the right way. If you cannot make it out for a walk, try some quick foam rolling, activations / mobilities or bodyweight movements (glute bridges, squats, push ups, lunges). For more information on this part just shoot me a quick email at

6)      Get squeaky clean: Jump in the shower and do your thing. I’m not going to go into detail on how to complete this part of your morning…hopefully you’ve got that under wrap.

7)      MAKE  breakfast: I know the easy grab and go “foods” ( I don’t consider these items food, but rather artificial substances.) is the way most of us try to fuel our system in the morning. Most of the time you are actually consuming stuff that does more harm than good. Instead try one of the following options.

  1. Omelet (10-15 minutes): I have actually thrown together my omelet, Ezekiel toast and natural peanut butter, my banana and coffee in less than ten minutes…but I did plan (my veggies were already cut, my pan was ready to go and the coffee / tea was brewing as I utilized the amazing auto-brew option on my coffee pot). All you have to do is throw the veggies in the pan, scramble some eggs  and add them to the pan (3-5 farm fresh eggs is best), pop the bread in the toaster and wait a few minutes.
  2. Oatmeal (5 minutes): Check out his post for a breakdown on how to make the perfect bowl of oatmeal.
  3. Whole food protein shake (3-5 minutes): Whole food is the key. Throw some liquid, ice, fresh or frozen fruit, protein powder, spices (cinnamon and nutmeg) and some optional extras (seeds, dark chocolate, peanutbuuter, etc.) in a blender and blend it up (try the magic bullet for convenience and portability for an on the go shake). Here is a link for a protein shake construction guide that is just one of many charts in my E-Book The Other 23 Hours (check it out to find out how you can best maximize your entire day to reach all of your health and fitness goals).

My omelet, toast, banana and coffee...delicious and nutritious!!

8)      Enjoy your food and new morning!!: Being able to sit down and eat your food is great, but I know many of us are too rushed to do so. Just make sure to really enjoy the wholesome and delicious meal you just constructed, grab your meals / snacks for the day and head out the door. Drive, or hopefully walk / bike, safe (forget the damn texting until you get to your destination…even walking and texting can result in accidents!) and enjoy your energy filled, performance based morning.

Get out of the all too common morning ZOMBIE MODE and set yourself (and your kids and family) up for a healthy, performance based and successful day…and life when you string multiple mornings together! Try it out and leave a comment below about your new morning.

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