How to Easily Achieve a Healthy and Lean Body Part 2

By Kyle Arsenault CSCS

If you missed the first installment of this series you should go back and check it out HERE as it was a sneak peek into my fridge which provided you with a good start for a health and performance based grocery list.

The concept that you should remember is that “if it is their you will eat it.” This can be advantagous when it comes to achieving your health and performance goals, or as in too many unfortunate cases, this can lead to poor nutritional choices that result in subpar health and performance, a jiggly backside and the need for you to punch an extra hole or two in your belt after you realize you can’t no longer squeez into your favorite pair of jeans.



So as promised in PART 1, here in part two I will expose to you what you will find in my freezer, pantry and cabinet that allows me to construct meals that are conducive to my health, performance and body composition goals (Ya, more muscle and less jiggly wiggly goo!).

FREEZER (from top to bottom, left to right)

*Bonus Tip– at the very top of my frezer (actually on top) you will notice an empty open bag. That is an empty bag that once contained caramel hazelnut ground coffee which I have turned into an extremely cheap and amazingly invigorating air freshner…I love my coffee and now my apartment can smell like it all day long! Try it out…now for inside.

All contents are obviously frozen…

– salmon fillets

– chicken breast

– pork sirloin steaks

– ground turkey breast

– homemade chili (I love my Mama!)

– brocolli and green beans

– Wymans Triple Berry Blend

You will also notice that I have ice cubes and bags of ice for shakes, to make some homemade ice tea or coffee or to chill down a glass of water on a hot day

Pantry (from top to bottom, left to right)

Top shelf…

– extra virgin olive oil

– tomato sauce

– salsa and hot sauce (great for flavoring and dressings)

– canned pineapple (in water)

– canned tuna and salmon

– canned beans (black, kidney, garbonza, northern white, etc)

– canned and sliced black olives

– natural peanut butter

– canned green beans (ya, lots and lots and lots…I like green beans)

Middle shelf…

– mixed nuts

– shelled pistachios

– beef jerkey

– raw almond packs

– old fashioned oatmeal

– quinoa

– steel cut oats

– box of frosted shredded wheat (for a cheat meal)

– black tea, green tea

– fruit flavored herbal teas (great for a sweet tooth craving especially at night)

Third shelf…

– ground coffee

– more mixed nuts

– raw peanuts to mix with the mixed nuts

– more black tea

– whey protein powder


– more whey protein (different flavors!)

– two 12 packs of Samual Adams Seasonal Beer (I am of age and a drink or two a day is proven to be healthy…not to mention a nice quench on a hot summer day!)

Cabinet (top to bottom, left to right)

Top shelf…

– fish oil

– coffee filters

– black pepper

– sea salt

– atomic hot sauce (this is the really spicy stuff!)

– mixed herbs seasoning

– black forest cake coffee grounds

Bottom shelf…

– natural honey

– tons of herbs and spices (italian seasoning, chili powder, garilic powder, cumin, basil, parsley, oregano, etc.)

– cinnamon

– cajun spice mix

– minced garlic

And there you go! You have now seen what I typically have in my fridge, freezer, pantry and cabinet. With these items you have a great start to a healthy grocery list that will allow you to make some delicous and peformanced based meals.

Now its your turn to get rid of the extra garbage lingering in your kitchen, replace it with healthier options, and throw together some great meals with a bit of creativity.

For more information and ideas of what you need in your kitchen (healthy untensils, awesome gadgets, etc.) as well as more specific meal combinations, check out my book The Other 23 Hours.

It is all about creating the optimal environment during your day that will allow you to achieve health and performance success. Let me know what you think below and share this post with your friends through email and Facebook!

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