E-Fish-ient Health and Performance…A Local Health and Performance Piece

By Kyle Arsenault CSCS

E-fish-ient Nutrition

As a health and performance professional I am not a big proponent of pushing supplements to try and enhance health. Most supplements are not regulated by the FDA, contain numerous ingredients that no one really knows what the heck they do (just look at the list and try to pronounce even 50% of them) and proclaim to be what spinach was to Popeye, when in reality they actually do more harm than good.

Although I don’t push supplements, there are a couple key nutrients that I don’t mind recommending through supplementation due to the extensive research that has demonstrated the many health benefits of them (please check with your Doc still though before adding them to your regimen). These supplements are vitamin D and fish oil.

And although these nutrients are great, you can still find some “garbage” supplemental forms as many companies, unfortunately, are only out to make a dollar and do not care about the quality of their product…just as some “fitness” professionals, so you have to be careful and do your research!

But one of the best thing about these nutrients is you can obtain both of them easily through natural avenues.

Just go outside for 20 minutes on a sunny summer day wearing a t-shirt and shorts and you will meet your daily needs for Vitamin D (and get a tan while you are at it). Pretty simple and quite enjoyable.

And for fish oil, which I will focus on here a bit more in depth, there is also a simple and extremely enjoyable way to acquire your daily needs, and it is all thanks to Prezo Grille and Bar.

                Prezo’s is known for serving up some of the best dishes known to man, and for the summer they have again upped the ante with their Summer Seafood Menu. And guess what key nutrient is a major player in many of the dishes…

Yep, the wonderful FISH OIL!

And just why is fish oil so great?

The Omega 3 Fatty Acids found in fish oil have been proven to result in many health benefits including:

–          Reducing Your Risk for Heart Disease

–          Lowering Cholesterol

–          Lowering Triglyceride Levels

–          Reduces Inflammation in the Body (a key component to poor health is chronic inflammation)

–          Improving Cognitive Abilities

–          Easing Depression

–          Improving Vision

–          Mitigating Joint Pain

–          Reducing Recovery from Training (exercise)

–           Improving Weight Loss

–          AND MORE…not a bad list for starters!!

So ya, you can see why I would recommend that everyone investigate adding fish oil to their nutritional arsenal, especially through natural means!

And why not do so while enjoying a great atmosphere and being waited on by a member of a staff that you feel is more like family? Oh, and did I mention satisfying your taste buds demand for scrumptious seafood!!

A quick peek into Prezo’s amazing Horseshoe Bar are

Just head to Prezo Grille and Bar and ask for their Summer Seafood Menu where you will find outstanding combinations of palate pleasing ingredients (I still don’t know how the kitchen staff does it!) that include the health and performance boosting Omega 3 fatty acid such as:

–          Tropical Coconut Shrimp Tartlet

–          Steamed Mussels

–          Tuna Caprese

–          Swordfish Kabobs

–          Grilled Tuna Steak Salad

**Shrimp, mussels, tuna and swordfish are all great sources of high quality Omega 3 Fatty Acid

Click HERE to read the full description of each dish…just make sure you are wearing a bib first to save your outfit from falling victim to the watering mouth!

Then all you need to do is thank the Prezo’s staff for a wonderful time and meal that has provided a key nutrient to health and performance, plan on your next trip to try one of the other great options and then put aside a few minutes of your day for a quick, results driven training session.

Extremely Quick and E-fish-ient Exercise

First, the most efficient training program you will ever be on is one that addresses your individual weaknesses thus allowing you to take full advantage of your body’s true potential. This requires a screening process that will easily expose your weaknesses and movement flaws such as the screen we use at Momentum Physical Therapy and Performance Training. From there we are able to develop a training program that first fixes your flaws while enhancing the major components of health, fitness, looks and performance.

You may have heard of the 80/20 rule but if not, the underlying principle is that 80% of the effects (results) come from 20% of the causes (work). What this means in regards to health, fitness and performance is that you should be spending your time performing a few key exercises that will provide the greatest results.

These exercises will change depending on your current condition (if you are moving poorly you may need to spend some more time performing corrective exercises to fix your movement before just “jumping in”), but for the most part you should be performing exercises that require the body to work the way it was designed. So here is a quick and efficient training program that you can perform every other day or two (unless you have not yet recovered) that will allow you to burn fat, build muscle in a short period of time.

30-50 reps of push-ups, body weight squats, mountain climbers and jumping jacks…and this is how you do it…

With this program you will be performing what is referred to as summation.

1) Select 3-5 exercises (use above for starters) and complete 30-50 repetitions of each as quickly as possible switching between exercises before form is compromised. This means if you were to select push-ups, jumping jacks, body weight squats and mountain climbers as your exercises and you could only complete 10 push-ups before losing form, you would then move on to the jumping jacks and complete as many of those as possible before moving to the body weight squats, back to the push-ups or on to the mountain climbers.

2) The set is done when you have completed 30-50 (start low and work up) reps of each exercise.

3) When starting this program rest for as about half as long, to as long as it took you to complete the round before trying another round (if it took you 5 minutes to complete rest for about 2.5 to 5 minutes and then repeat if you have any left in the tank!).

4) Record your time and try to beat it every time out.

That’s it. Pretty simple, efficient and will produce great results in a short amount of time. Always remember to warm-up properly first and select exercises that are safe and you move well through. For more help on exercise selection or how to even further enhance the training program to meet your specific needs and goals, email me at kyle@momentumpt.com.

Momentum Athlete and local Baseball Skills Coach Matt Anderson takes you through (check his facility out by clicking HERE, he knows his stuff). ***Matt noted he will break up the push-ups more throughout the round next time, as well as get his form right from the start…live, train and learn!!

Now it is up to you to get to Prezo Grille and Bar and take advantage of the Summer Seafood Menu. After you get your fix of health and performance boosting Omega 3, as well as your fix for loads fun and amazing flavor, get to working on achieving your optimal body with the short and incredibly efficient training program from yours truly and the rest of the Momentum Physical Therapy and Performance Training team.

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