5 Minutes to a Healthier Body and Stronger Core


By Kyle Arsenault CSCS


One of the best and most versatile investments you can make when it comes to your health and performance is a foam roller (not to mention one of the cheapest, which you can pick up here at Momentum). All of our athletes start their training session on the foam roller, and although at first it may be a little uncomfortable (you can usually tell by the grimaced face, the” oooh ouch” or the occasional “what the #*&$”). But after the initial weeks most athletes fall in love with the foam roller, and for good reason!



Many times the benefits of the foam roller will be experienced immediately after the first session. And with a bit of dedication and consistency these transient effects become long lasting.

Just what does the foam roller do for you?

1)      Promotes blood flow: This allows for better warm up of the tissues and delivers nutrients to the tissues for performance and recovery.

2)      Breaks up scar tissue and adhesions: Think of scar tissue and adhesions as knots in an elastic band. If you try to stretch and elastic band with a knot what happens?…The knot gets tighter! This is what happens when muscles stretch and contract without addressing tissue quality (getting rid of the knots), which is obviously detrimental to performance and can lead to injury.

3)      Proprioception: Foam rolling allows the athlete to feel his/her body in space and actually requires a fair amount of coordination to perform correctly. Enhanced coordination is always a good thing.

4)      AND…

There is one more major benefit of foam rolling…but only when it is done correctly!

You can get a bigger bang for your buck (figuratively and literally!) if you focus on your posture and core during foam rolling.

Ya, I’m talking some nice burnage in the abdominals that will bring you one step closer to your sexy six-pack.



Who needs fancy equipment…just snag a foam roller

And although I am like everyone else and wouldn’t mind having a chiseled midsection,  I am actually more excited about the core stability, strength, postural awareness and injury prevention you can obtain though a proper foam rolling session.  Below is a video demonstrating what I mean by proper posture and core engagement.

***I went to school for human performance, not videography.  After shooting the video I realized my head is cut off for the better part of the beginning, and being the perfectionist I am, it was extremely difficult for me to not redo the video…but I decided it was more important to share the information with you than wait! I’ll get it next time…



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