For Those 21 Years Old and Older: Party Smart for Health, Looks and Performance


By Kyle Arsenault CSCS

It is definitely that time a year when the BBQs are fired up every weekend, friends and families are gathering and the “summer drinks” are in abundance. For many of us who are of age, alcoholic beverages are a staple when we go out and get our party on.

I am not going to sit here and pretend that alcohol in excess (more than one drink for women and two drinks for men…sorry ladies) is in anyway a component of a healthy lifestyle, but I am also a realist and understand that for many of us who are of age are going to drink…so why not drink and party smart?!

If you are planning on having a good time on at least a few more occasions this summer (although the principles that are going to be covered apply year round) there are a few ways you can help yourself from completely sabotaging your health, looks and performance…and luckily for you Prezo Grille and Bar and Momentum Physical Therapy and Performance Training are once again here for you.

With the brand new bar, the numerous beverage options (plenty of better options…keep reading) and a staff dedicated to meeting all of your needs and creating the ultimate experience, Prezo is place to be for a good time and great drinks. And with a little guidance from yours truly, you can better maintain health, looks and performance with better drink options as well as a day set up to minimize the effects of a “night out.”


 Go to Prezo Grille and Bar to check out the new bar…you won’t be disappointed!

As a health, fitness and athletic performance specialist, I never recommend going out and drinking but again, I understand that social interaction, and the drinks that are often involved, are major components of most of our lives, and when done in moderation, can actually help alleviate stress which can ultimately lead to enhanced performance…and again, MODERATION is key so…

Here are a few ways you can make better choices at the BRAND SPANKIN NEW Bar at Prezo Grille and Bar.

–          Wine is your best bet.

–          Pass up the mixed drinks by trying liquor and liquor only. Sip a glass on the rocks. When the mixes come in you are more likely to get into trouble due to high sugar and calorie content.

–          If you can’t do without the mixed drinks try seltzer, sparkling or spring water or club soda (be careful with this one as it can add up quickly) with a twist of lime or other citrus option or a splash of lower sugar juice. Stay away from sugary drinks, syrups and desert liquors. If it sounds sweet and tastes really sweet you are likely consuming tons of sugar and calories!

–          If you are a beer drinker this will shock you…I suggest you go with your favorite, full flavor beer, and definitely try a homebrewed / speciality option if it is available (all you have to do is ask at Prezos). When drinking light beer you may be more likely to consume a higher quantity of beer overall and the homebrewed / full flavor beers are usually higher in vitamin and mineral content…which provides a little healthier choice! Again, these options are a bit higher in calorie per oz, but you will need less to be satisfied, both in flavor and desired effect! In both cases keep quantity under control.

–          Just ask the Prezo’s staff what is in any drink and they will let you know and they will make any of your favorites to your order…then it is up to you to use these tips!

Wrap Up: 1 to 2 drinks is considered moderation and in most cases will not be too detrimental if they are drinks such as liquor by itself, a glass of wine or champagne, your favorite homebrewed beer, or mixed drinks such as Bloody Mary,  Sour Apple Martini or Vodka (or other liquor) and water/seltzer water/club soda. Here is a quick look at the menu…many options fall into the guidelines above or can be manipulated to meet the guidelines.

And although you can make your happy times healthier at Prezo’s, it is just as important to take control of the day leading up to, as well as your night out at Prezo’s…let’s find out just how…



                There is nothing worse when you are trying to have a good time enjoying a drink or two with friends than worrying about how the social event is going to ruin all of your hard work and waistline. Instead, follow these simple guidelines to maximize your health and performance throughout the day and minimize the effects of party time. That way you can truly enjoy yourself while knowing you are better preserving your health and fitness.

–          Minimize your calories during the day. Don’t starve yourself but try eating relatively fewer calories during the day to account for the night. Make sure to consume high nutrient foods (lean protein, veggies, small amounts of fruit), especially during training time…and don’t worry, research shows that your metabolism will not come to a screeching halt if you don’t eat every 2 hours!

–          Exercise or train smart and intense…make it a priority to complete a quality training session. Check out this video for a body weight circuit you can perform to really boost your metabolism, add lean muscle and incinerate fat…

–          Hydrate well throughout the day.

–          Stay active throughout the day by incorporating more physical activity such as walking at break time or if you are not working or in school, make it a point to go for a hike, bike ride, etc. along with your training session.

–          Eat a good nutritious snack before going out such as a protein shake or salad with quality protein such as lean meat / nuts / beans. The protein with satiate you and prevent you from over indulging

–          Eat good meal / appetizer with your drinks. Stay away from the nachos and fried foods…check this out for a great example from Prezo’s.

–          Alternate non-alcoholic beverages with your alcoholic choices (water is best..try it with lime!).

***THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS HAVING A PLAN. Plan on how many drinks you are going to have and which food you are going to eat and stick to it. Inform a friend of your plan and ask them to remind you of your plan and goals…it works!

And for more tips and information on how to maximize your health, looks and performance such as the ones covered, check out my book The Other 23 Hours which is now on sale for over 50% off for a limited time. For just $11 you can learn all about what you can do throughout your day to easily maximize health and performance, burn fat, increase strength, decrease stress and much more.

So I could have simply stated to not go out, don’t drink and stay away from your friends…but that would not be realistic and would also cramp your social style. Instead, try to incorporate the guidelines discussed and find yourself having a good time while better maintaining your health, looks and performance. And above all, stay safe and drink responsibly and only if you have been present in the land of the living for 21 years or more.


What are your thoughts and favorite healthier drinks? Leave a comment below.

2 Responses to For Those 21 Years Old and Older: Party Smart for Health, Looks and Performance

  1. debbie williams says:

    Great and realistic tips to still allow for some social fun!

    • momentumpt2 says:


      That’s right…we know you still have to live and have fun but there are always a few different things we can do in almost every circumstance that can help us achieve our health and fitness goals. Glad you found the content useful.

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