Track Progress to Make Progress


By Kyle Arsenault CSCS



When it comes to reaching goals, whether they are life goals, fitness goals or simple daily goals, one of the most important components is actually tracking your progress. Tracking your progress by writing down the details of the journey towards the goal, provides you with a few key benefits that will help keep you focused on the task at hand, and inevitably allow you to be successful in reaching your goals!

Due to the fact that tracking progress (and the details that accompany it) has proven to be so powerful when it comes to reaching goals, Prezo Grille and Bar and Momentum Physical Therapy and Performance Training have again teamed up to provide you with an easy way to track progress and help you more easily reach your health, fitness and performance goals.

But before we discuss what Prezo’s and Momentum have been working on for YOU, let’s quickly see why tracking progress is critical to your success. Then read on to find out the special you have in we came up with for you!!



Accountability: If you consistently track what it is that you are doing, you are less likely to fall off the path to success. For example, you will be less likely to indulge in a chocolate smothered, fat laden, sugar infused “super desert” if you are trying to lose some body fat…You know you have to write it down (and you don’t want that staring back in your face!). You can also ask a friend, family member, co-worker, etc. to review your progress as having a support system tends to lead to greater adherence.

Easy Modification: When you track progress you can see what has worked for you, as well as what hasn’t worked. Did you lose 1% body fat one week and gained 2% the next? What did you do differently? By tracking you know exactly what you did (or didn’t do) and you can more easily adjust your approach. The world’s most successful individuals have tracked their progress, adjusted their approaches and expanded upon what has worked (just Google self-help books, success programs, etc. and you will see what I am talking about). If it has worked for multi-millionaires I would bet my left kidney that it will work for you as well.


Remembering how you did it is just as important as doing it!



Mental Progress: In the journey to reaching any goal, there will inevitably be bumps along the way. When you don’t track progress, these bumps can be detrimental to your success. We tend to dwell on the most recent “measurements” rather than looking at the overall picture. For example, many times individuals will lose an appreciable amount of fat mass when they first adhere to both the principles of healthy nutrition  and a proper training / exercise program only to have a week down the road where progress seems to stall. If these individuals haven’t tracked all of the progress along the way (and how they got there), they may fall victim to that one insignificant week…and we all have them, especially during the summer!…They may then become discouraged and give up on the process all together. Instead, if these individuals were to have tracked progress, they would realize that they have made significant gains and just need to modify or get back to what was working.


You should have a greater appreciation of the benefits of tracking progress and I am sure you are wondering just what Prezo Grille and Bar and Momentum Physical Therapy and Performance Training have come up with to help you along your journey to enhanced health, fitness and performance…Well…


Prezo’s and Momentum are here to help!!


Not only has Prezo’s been providing you with healthy specials/options, but now with my help, Prezo’s will be providing a healthy special with the exact nutrient breakdown! This information will allow you to track the amount calories, fat, carbohydrate and protein that make up the mouthwatering masterpiece.

As a health and fitness professional, I have observed that when individuals track these details for 1-3 weeks, they better understand just how many calories as well as grams of fat, carbs and protein are the ideal amounts for THEM!! In most cases, with 3 weeks  of such precise tracking (you can do this on your smart phone for more convenience…surprise, surprise) individuals become proficient with their major food choices.


They don’t call them smartphones for nothing…try the myfitnesspal app (or similar app) to conveniently track progress

Then it becomes more about tracking overall amounts and portion sizes (I like to use the rule of fist for ease, which explains how many fists of protein, carbs and fats you should take in for your goals…for more detail check out my book  or contact me at

So not only can you still indulge in an outstanding option at Prezo’s, you will now have the ability to understand the nutrient breakdown and better track your nutrition, and therefore, overall progress! Ya, that sounds like a winning combination to me.

And like nutrition having a training goal, a plan (program), and a way to track your progress is critical.

When you don’t have a training goal, a specific program, or a way to track progress you are merely “exercise free styling.” Many times this leads you to hitting plateaus and becoming discouraged.

The first step to any efficient program is determining your goal, taking baseline measurements (these may vary depending on your goals but should always include a movement evaluation to ensure optimal gains and injury prevention). Only then can you develop a program designed for your specific goals and needs (or even better, a qualified and reputable coach / facility). Once the program is designed, all you need to do is have a way to track progress, analyze the progress and make any necessary modifications to ensure continued improvement.

At Momentum Physical Therapy and Performance Training we have every athlete and client complete a health history and goal questionnaire, take them through a specialized movement screen and develop an individualized program where the athlete can track their progress (click HERE to see the layout example individualized program). We coach them through every session (and make modifications on the spot to ensure that they get the most of every session) and update the program according to how the individual athlete / client is progressing.

If the program was not printed out, our athletes / clients would not be able to easily observe their progress. Also, advancement of the program would not be as efficient as we would not have something tangible to build upon.

I like to explain to our athletes / clients that if you don’t know where you are coming from, it much harder to get to where you are going!

In Conclusion

You should have goals in life, which should include a specific goal of health, fitness and performance. By tracking the progress towards your goal, you are more likely to achieve that goal in a much quicker and easier fashion (who doesn’t want that?!)

With Prezo Grille and Bar and Momentum Physical Therapy and Performance Training you can now have healthy nutrition and proper training (specialized exercise), as well as an easy way to track your progress and ensure success.

Set your goals, seek help, develop a specific plan / program, TRACK your progress, and enjoy the journey.


If you found this helpful please share it with your family, friends and everyone else. And if you have any questions please contact me at

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