Save Your Butt by Getting Off of It


By Kyle Arsenault CSCS


We all know that a sedentary lifestyle is not conducive to living a life of full of health, performance and fitness. And if you haven’t heard, a recent study has suggested that sitting for more than 3 hours daily reduces your life expectancy by up to 2 years; and if you watch 2 or more hours of TV daily, you can tack on another 1.4 years to your early check out!

According to my calculation that is a total of roughly 3 and one half years…a pretty significant chunk of time! So if you don’t want to visit the Pearly Gates, or the more tropical climate a bit south (sorry but I can’t help you with this one), get off your butt and get moving.



Looks pretty nice…but not too early!

I know that for many of us our job requires us to set up shop behind a desk for far more than 3 hours per day, but every little bit helps. Try to perform the circuit of exercises below, or at least as many of the movements as you can every hour.

And if you co-workers give you the “What the HECK” look, just let them know you are trying to keep yourself from checking out early than necessary…maybe they will join you (hey, we can all hope anyway)! Add to that a quick walk to get a drink or a trip to the facilities to make sure your still looking good, and you will find that you are able to move every half hour or so.

Move more often and move well (see below) and enjoy the extra time.



The Circuit That Will Help Extend Your Time in the Land of the Living…


Perform the following exercises in succession 1-2 times through.

1)      Bodyweight Squats x10-12 reps: From a standing position sit your butt back and keep your knees in line with your feet (don’t let the go too far forward, in or out). You can sit back and tap your chair, and make sure to keep your back as flat as possible.



2)      Push Up or Plank x10-12 reps or 30s:Get into a push up position with your hands directly under your shoulders, your back flat and hips up (you should almost be able to put a cup of coffee on your low back without it spilling). Keeping your core tight, slowly lower yourself to the floor by bringing your shoulder blades together (don’t let your hips sag or elbows flare out). Return to the top position by pushing the ground away from you and getting the shoulder blades apart. If you can’t perform a push up from the ground, perform them with your hands elevated to the desk top or simply hold the top position for 30s (or as long as you can with good form).



3)      Lateral Squat x10 reps / side: With your feet about twice as wide as your shoulders (think about a Sumo Wrestler stance) sit your butt back keeping one leg straight and bending the other leg. By concentrating on putting the butt back with one leg staying straight, you will automatically sit into the other hip / leg. Keep your heels on the ground and your back flat. Alternate sides.



4)      Wallslide x8 reps: Facing a wall, place your forearms and hands on the wall with the pinky in contact with the wall. Keeping your core tight and abs in (don’t let your lower back arch during the movement) slowly slide your hands up the wall and make sure to shrug your shoulders towards your ears as your elbows move past your shoulder height (your forearms will come off at the top). Lower slowly and repeat.



Go through this circuit as often as possible throughout your day, without getting in trouble with the bossman of course (but if this is a problem inform him/her that you are trying to save your life and movement has been shown to enhance productivity…and a pretty smart dude told you to do so!). And make sure to not veg in front of the telly during your free time!

Now that you know how you can add more than 3 years to your life, share the information with those close to you…or if you are the good person I know you are, share it with everyone! I am sure that most of us would not refuse a few more years in the land of the living!

Any questions or comments leave them below or email me at

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