5 Nutrition and Training Tips You Have the Choice to Take Advantage Of!

By Kyle Arsenault CSCS


I am going to be blunt…when it comes to achieving optimal health, performance and fitness, you have a CHOICE to make!



Some individuals have the ability to drastically change every aspect of their life when they decide to do so. For others, choosing to make a few key changes can be very difficult…but it doesn’t have to be!

In the beginning stages of these changes, you want to make sure that you start small and choose actions that you know you will be able to stick with 90% of the time. When your goal is a healthier, higher performing and better looking body, two areas that you will need to address are nutrition and training…no big surprise here!

But don’t worry…once again, Prezo Grille and Bar and Momentum Physical Therapy and Performance Training are going to help you make these choices (small changes) much easier!

Below are a few minor changes that when you choose to apply 90% of the time, will result in major health, performance and aesthetic enhancements. And the best part is, you don’t have to do every one right away. Try to pick one or two from the nutrition section and the training section to start…then you can add more when you are ready.




When it comes to your nutrition (especially when eating out, but really at any time), there are a few key choices / changes you can make to optimize health and performance. And Prezo’s is happy to do so with their  “cook to order” option. Not too many restaurants offer this kind of service! So just read below, chat with the amazing staff at Prezo’s and order accordingly…

1)      Make lean meats and veggies the base for your meal: You have probably heard it before but I will say it again! A meal comprised mainly of lean meats and veggies (especially when prepared in a healthy manner…see #2), will provide the nutrients needed for enhanced health and performance at a low enough caloric value to keep you from the morning brawl with your pants. Check out the “Momentum PT Healthy Choice Special” (just one of many Prezo dishes that are good choices) and eat without the fear of having to purchase another pair of pants that is comprised of a bit more material.



A healthier meal or an earlier morning scuffle…


2)      Bake, broil, grill or steam: Skip the fried food…that simple.

3)      Replace the grains with greens: I am not about getting rid of foods completely, especially if you enjoy them, but try “cutting / substituting” the less healthy components for better options. For example, if you are going to order a pasta dish with chicken and broccoli, order it with half the pasta and add more chicken and broccoli…you can do this with many dishes at Prezo’s and at home!



4)      Cook with healthy oils or broths, not sugary marinades or sauces: Make sure to cook using moderate amounts of healthy oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, etc instead of sugar based marinades or dressings.  You can also cook using broths, vinegars or hot sauces instead of oils if you are really trying to watch the calories. Just ask and Prezo’s will let you know how the meal is prepared and you can choose to make the substitution.

5)      On the side please: Order your dressings / condiments on the side and apply judiciously. If you do end up ordering a pasta dish instead of a lean meat and veggie meal, just ask for the sauce on the side and add it yourself. The same goes for salads, etc.




As far as training goes, you don’t have to spend hours upon hours in a GYM to achieve results. Instead, train on a program that focuses on quality over quantity, and your individual goals. Make the following choices, just as we do at Momentum Physical Therapy and Performance Training (a performance enhancement facility!), and enjoy a shorter and higher quality training session.

1)      Foam roll instead of stretching: Foam rolling breaks up scar tissue and adhesions and prepares the tissues (muscles, tendons, etc) and nervous system to work more efficiently…a good thing when you are looking to maximize your training session. Stretching just doesn’t cut it. Click HERE to better understand foam rolling and how to complete a foam rolling session.

2)      Complete a warm up based on movement, not on the “cardio” equipment: Get off the bike, elliptical or treadmill when you are trying to warm up and try grooving proper movement with bodyweight squats, lunges, plank variations, skips, etc. The more specific warm up will prime the body for a higher quality training session. You can also do this type of movement at work / school to help you improve performance even further…click HERE to discover how.

3)      Address your weaknesses: Most of us will gravitate towareds training our strengths as we all like to do things we are good at. But address your weaknesses and experience far greater results (it is likely you will need to complete a QUALITY ASSESSMENT to truly determine your weaknesses or “movement faults”). You will end up running head first into the proverbial “wall” if you leave your weaknesses unaddressed. Check out THIS SERIES for more detail.



You Are Only As Strong As Your Weakest Link


4)      From the inside out: At Momentum everything starts from the inside out. If you don’t address your core first, you will not have a solid base to build from. Start with movements that train stability (lying leg marches, planks, anti-rotation presses, etc.) and only once you can keep yourself stable should you work to more dynamic movements (rotational medicine ball training, dynamic plank variations, etc.). Also, when you address your core in a way that utilizes it as it was meant to function, you will burn more calorie and build that sexy six pack we all desire.

5)      Ditch the machines: Building on point #4, if you use machines for the majority of your training (either resistance or cardio) you are not taking full advantage of your systems (muscular, nervous, hormonal, etc) or TIME! Spend most of your training utilizing functional, bodyweight movements (squats, lunges, pushups, inverted rows, planks, etc.) that can eventually be loaded (bands, dumbbells, kettlebells, etc.) with proper form and you will achieve your goals much quicker…and not be board to death in the process.



Stay Awake with More Efficient Training…Get Off the Machines!


As we have all experienced, some of the hardest choices to make come about when eating out…but not at Prezo Grille and Bar. All you have to do is ask and the staff at Prezo’s will gladly help you make any dish healthier!

And when you combine healthier nutrition with a few of the training (exercise) principles we utilize at Momentum Physical Therapy and Performance Training, the results are unmatched.



It’s Up to You, But We Are Here To Help


In closing, knowledge is only potential power. Applied knowledge is true power. Now that you know a few ways to better attack your nutrition and training, you have a choice to make…and making one small choice at a time will result in major improvements!

Share this post with your friends and family and they will thank you. For more information or any questions leave a comment below or contact me at kyle@momentumpt.com.

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