2 Cues to a Better Squat


By Kyle Arsenault CSCS


The squat is one of the basic patterns that both competitive athletes and general population alike should be proficient at in order to move well, enhance performance and stay injury free. Unfortunately a high percentage of individuals have a terrible squat.

Issues that take a potentially pretty looking squat and quickly turn it into a “hot mess” could include insufficient ankle mobility, relatively stiff hips, a core that is weak and/or inactive core and poor thoracic spine mobility just to name a few (you may also have structural blocks at the hip so if descending into the squat causes pain make sure you seek professional help to clear/modify your squat).

This dude definitely needs some help!

Although there are many factors that play a major part in the squat that must be addressed in a training program, many times this pattern can be fixed, or at the very least drastically improved, with good coaching and cuing.

The classic cues for the squat are “knees out, butt back and chest up.” These cues have worked well for many athletes, but they have also failed to produce a clean squat for many.

Watch the video below to discover why the classic cues may not be enough, and then learn two cues that have helped a vast majority of my athletes go from a downright atrocious squat to a relatively pretty pattern.

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