Your Daily Checklist for Success

By Kyle Arsenault CSCS

“There are things that successful people do day after day that allow them to be successful”

This quote says it all and at the end of this blog there is a link to a free gift that will help you be successful too…so continue on!


Throughout our training careers many of us will experience high points where results come quickly, our body is transforming into a figure we imagined, and life straight out rocks. And then something happens (or doesn’t happen…keep reading) as our results come to a screeching halt and we feel depressed with how our body is looks and feels.

And while a small percentage of us may never experience the lows, the majority of us will at some point be questioning what is going on as we come face to face with this unfortunate situation.

We then start to search for latest and greatest training program that is guaranteeing unmatched results or some super diet that is based on processed powders after four weeks of a hellish cleanse. If we are lucky, this new magical program or diet will provide results and make us feel better about ourselves…at least in the short term.

But then something happens. Our results slow, our love handles return and we again feel like crap.

What is the problem?

CONSISTENTCY!…program hopping is not consistency. Diets are not consistent (just the word assumes a short term intervention).

Consistency is the key to achieving the body you want and the life you deserve. And when you ask them how they do it, those individuals who have year after year been are able to stay healthy and fit generally do a few things, EVERY DAY, that allow them to dominate life.

Here is what you need to do every day to be among those few.

1)      Take control of the morning

a)      When the alarm goes off get out of bed.

b)      Start the morning off with a big glass (or two) of cold water and a short bout of physical activity (a brisk walk, foam rolling session, bodyweight circuit, etc.).

c)       Eat a muscle meal for breakfast (lean protein, veggies, healthy fat, healthy carbohydrates).

d)      Grab everything you will need to be successful the rest of the day (gym bag, lunch/dinner, water bottle, etc.).

2)      Stay active during the day.

a)      If you sit at a desk (at work or school) make sure to move every 15-20 minutes.

b)      Expanding on the last point, if you can without getting in trouble, go for a quick walk (even if it is just to the bathroom) or perform a few reps of a bodyweight exercise at your work station (squats, lunges, push-ups, etc.). At the very least, every 15-20 minutes switch position a little. The best posture is an ever changing one…as long as you are changing from one good posture to the next.

c)       During breaks go for a walk or if you are on a phone call and can move, make it a walk and talk.

d)      For those who are looking to expend a few extra calories you can always fidget. While sitting fidget your hand and feet, as long as you are not annoying those around you!

e)      Plan physical activities with friends or family during the day/weekends such as walks, bike rides, hikes, recreational sports or simply getting out and playing with the dog/kids…it doesn’t always have to be fancy.

3)      Train in some capacity.

a)      Training is planned exercise that brings you closer to your health and fitness goals, so training isn’t always just hitting the gym. Bodyweight circuits, activations, etc. count and just need to be in accordance with your goals.

b)      Resistance train at least 3x per week making movements such as squats, deadlifts, lunges, push-ups and rows your go to…as long as you are moving right.

c)       Perform needed conditioning or recovery, bloodflow sessions or extra sprint sessions depending on your goals.

d)      Try intervals 1-2 times per week if you have already established a good conditioning base (resting heart rate is at or below 60 bpm without a medical condition).

4)      Eat for performance.

a)     Make lean proteins and veggies the base of your nutrition.

b)      Drink mainly water, coffee and tea.

c)       Stay away from processed foods as much as possible (trans fat or other processed fats, sugary processed carbohydrates, etc.).

d)      Earn your carbohydrates…eat more carbohydrates on days of intense training.

e)      Consume your largest meal (and carbohydrates) post training as your body is primed to use the nutrients.

5)      Recover and sleep.

a)      You can’t always go 100% intensity every day. Schedule lighter recovery days (bloodflow/light conditioning/recreational activities, etc.) to allow your body time to adapt and grow stronger.

b)      Make it a must to get 7-9 hours of uninterrupted, quality sleep.

c)       Turn off electronics and dim lights an hour before bed. Use FLUX software leading up to the hour before bed.

d)      Make your bedroom as dark and quiet as possible. Use blackout curtains and earplugs if necessary.

e)      Try reading, meditating, taking a warm bath/shower or light foam rolling/stretching before bed to tap into your parasympathetic nervous system.

There you have it. The more you can run through and implement the points on this list the more likely you are to achieve and maintain the body, life and confidence you want.

No more will you crush your training, nutrition and life only to come up short once again down the road. Small goals can be achieved in short bursts, but are not likely to be sustained.

Quality habits that allow you to CONSISTENTLY look and feel your best are built through a CONSISTENT daily process.

Be CONSISTENT with this list Daily Checklist and enjoy a body and life you enjoy and can be proud of!

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