MPT Difference

As the only facility in the area combining both principles of physical therapy and strength and conditioning, the elite team of physical therapists and exercise physiologists at Momentum Physical Therapy and Performance Training utilize their extensive education and experience to devise the most cutting edge training programs. The individualized programs are designed accordingly and take into account factors such as health history (medical, surgical, prior injuries), training experience, movement efficiency, personal goals and more.

Whether you are fresh off the operating table, coming back from an injury, trying to prevent injury, an “average Joe” aiming to lose some weight and become healthier, a fitness enthusiast looking for a more efficient training program, or an elite athlete searching for the program to take your game to the next level, Momentum Physical Therapy and Performance Training provides only the highest quality programming to meet all your needs.

Who’s Momentum Performance Training For?…The youth athlete, high school collegiate athlete, professional athlete, recreational athlete or anyone who is simply looking to achieve optimal health, fitness and performance…EVERYONE!!

No matter your prior history, your current capacity or your overall end goal, the team at Momentum Physical Therapy and Performance Training will help you succeed by bridging the gap between traditional medicine and fitness. Truly understanding the human body, its constituents regarding performance, and possessing the ability to apply the science into practical application allows the Momentum team to develop results oriented programs that unleash the true potential of the human body.

For more information about the philosophy behind the completely individualized Performance Training Program and to see the results of Momentum Performance athletes/clients check out The Program page and Videos and Pictures page.

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