Supplemental Services

Besides a comprehensive and individualized training program, other factors that play a key role in injury prevention, health and performance include nutrition, daily activities, off day training and more. For this reason, Momentum PT offers additional services to help enhance training results, goal achievement as well as overall health and performance. The Momentum PT Team has about 1 hour a day to directly address your training needs, and now we can help you with the other crucial, results defining 23 hours. Here is how…


Additional $25/month

Many of us are able to make it to Momentum PT and performance train 2-3 days per week. These 2-3 days are sufficient to achieve goals and overall performance improvement, but will be limited by your activities on the off days. Momentum PT has the solution! The team designs off day programming to help you address your needs and goals (injury prevention, cardiovascular conditioning, muscle building, fat loss, etc) and implements the program so you are comfortable to do it by yourself on the off days. Consistency is key to success, and The Momentum Team takes care of this for you!


Additional $25/session

Besides efficient, individualized and progressive training, nutrition is the most critical component to achieving a healthy, athletic and performance oriented body. Nutrition plays a pivotal role when it comes to optimal injury prevention, performance enhancement (strength, power, speed, endurance, etc), body composition shifts (more muscle and less fat), overall health (decreased risk of disease and illness) and more. Everyone knows proper nutritional principles are key, but not everyone knows just how to tackle this critical component. But now you will. During your twenty minute session you will learn how to implement key principles such as nutrient quality, nutrient timing, correct portions and more all individualized to you and your goals. It is all done for you. All you have to do is incorporate the information from the sessions and watch your training results and goals improve IMMEDIATELY!


Additional $60/hr of trip for 1 person,

$45 /hr each for 2,

$35/hr each for 3,

$30/hr each for 4,

$25/hr each for 5 or more

“If its there you will eat it.” This is a common saying and it holds a lot of validity. and could either be a positive or negative concerning your health and fitness goals. So why risk your not reaching optimal health and all of your goals by having the wrong nutrition so readily available to you? Instead, join a member of the Momentum PT Team on a grocery trip to ensure you are stocking your fridge and cabinets with foods that will not lead you to falling short of your goals. During the grocery trip you will be told exactly what to buy, how much to buy and how long it should last according to your goals, situation and nutritional needs. There is no better or quicker way to support your training and reach your goals than proper nutrition. And there is no better way to attain proper nutrition than having someone assist you on picking out the right food.


Additional $60/hr

The set up and contents of your kitchen, which is your nutritional haven, may be sabotaging your efforts when it comes to sticking to a healthy and conducive nutritional regimen. Do you have a cookie jar sitting on your counter top? How about your snack cabinet? Are the high sugar snacks right up front? These are only a couple of examples that a Momentum Team Member will be able to pick out and help you with. Others include important kitchen utensils, fridge, freezer and pantry set up, quality of food items and more. Redesigning your kitchen, or at least the layout of its contents, is an important piece to the healthy nutrition puzzle and a The Momentum Team will solve the puzzle for you.

Check it out!!

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