“I’ve been to many gyms in the area, exercised for years, and taken the packaged classes.  The results were adequate but oftentimes variable…… then I got hurt.  I took some time off to heal and was quite simply afraid to start up and get hurt again.  I honestly thought I would never exercise to the level that I had before.

I then discovered Momentum Performance Training.  During the preliminary assessment process, I knew it would be different.  The time was taken to accurately assess where my body was at with special attention to previous injuries and concerns.  Kyle Arsenault, Momentum’s Strength and Conditioning Coach, develops a program designed specifically for you.  The exercises are current,  simple and challenging, yet incredibly effective.  The emphasis is on proper form, which for me has made all the difference in the world.  You are continually monitored throughout your session.  Kyle’s knowledge of the human body and fitness is extensive and his positive attitude contagious.   The exercises are updated every 4-6 weeks to keep the program interesting and keep you progressing physically.

The results for me have been substantial.  In one short month, I feel better than I have in years.  The exercises have targeted every area of my body and best of all, no pain.  Daily activities are so much easier and I feel great!  Can’t thank or recommend the Momentum Performance Training team enough!”



“After going through back to back shoulder surgeries, I really felt like my time as a pitcher was over. I had seen numerous physical therapists and doctors, all which seemed to fail for me. Coming to Momentum PT was my last shot at pitching ever again. I needed to get “right” or I knew my time as a pitcher was over. After working with the Momentum crew, I knew their approach was a lot different then anything I had ever experienced. Their dedication and focus, as well as their knowledge about how the human body functions is far past that of others which I have worked with. If you truly want to come back from injury, and be stronger than ever, I would highly recommend going to Momentum PT.”

Keith Landers          Left Handed Pitcher, University of Louisville


“I would like to thank you very much for working with me over the last month as my Strength and Conditioning Coach. You are an impassioned teacher who clearly works tirelessly to bring out the inner athlete in everyone. Until I met you, I had never broken a full body sweat doing warm-up (a.k.a activation) exercises and, honestly, until I had the opportunity to work with you one on one and in small group training, I never realized just how valuable it is to not only exercise, but to exercise correctly.

You should be proud of your accomplishments as an athlete on the road to his own physical recovery as well as your vigor as a coach who perseverates over the health and wellness of his clients. In my capacity as Superintendent of the Milford Public Schools and as Vice Chairman of the Milford Area Chamber of Commerce, I am proud to work in partnership with you and Momentum Physical Therapy, particularly as the performance training element that you bring to the business continues to evolve.

Health and wellness has been and continues to be an important part of my life and, through efforts like yours – driven by solid motivation and personal commitment – the Milford community will be all the healthier because of you passion. Never lose the thermo-burn, Kyle – there are many of us, like me, who are counting on you!”

Bob Tremblay        Milford Public Schools Superintendent


-Caitlyn and Cathleen Small:        Momentum PT Sisters


“We have been to other gyms in the area and no one gives you the personal attention like Kyle and the rest of the Momentum PTTeam. They make sure that everyone in the room is moving correctly and safely while challenging themselves as much as possible. As someone with many prior injuries, this is pivotal and makes Momentum PTstand out from all other gyms in the area.  Not only do we enjoy our training at Momentum PT2, we look forward to going! Kyle and the Team vary the training in order to keep training fresh and the training time fly by. We have both seen significant progress in just one short month and with the guidance and programs provided at Momentum PT2 we have been able to challenge ourselves more than we have in any other training program.”

Scott and Liz Savage        Husband and wife


Robert Benjamin:      Milford Legion catcher who has worked his way back from injury and enhanced                                              performance with Momentum Physical Therapy and Performance Training


Kyle Canole:            Milford Legion pitcher who has enhanced pitching performance with MPT


Kelly Savage         Momentum PT Athlete on her way to achieving a pain free body and all her fitness goals


“From the first day I came to Momentum for a lower back injury, I felt very comfortable with my physical therapist, Eric. He was friendly, professional and extremely knowledgable. He listened with genuine concern about how I was doing each time we met and always gave me the best treatment, helpful comments and excellent advice.

After I was cleared from PT I joined Momentum Performance Training.The best thing about Momentum Physical Therapy and Performance Training is that everyone has their own individualized program. Kyle designed my program around my own abilities and goals. It is evident that Kyle is passionate about his work; he is a great motivator and is always there to coach you in order to ensure proper movement and technique as well as how to achieve optimal results!”

Mike Harbachuck      Momentum PT Athlete who was able to achieve drastically higher marks on her Air Force Physical Fitness Test after only 2 months of training with Momentum PT!


“I tore my ACL skiing in February 2010 and had surgery in May 2010. I started working with Eric shortly after. When physical therapy was over I was not comfortable going to the gym by myself and was afraid to work on my own. It was great to have an not only an alternative, but an advanced and continued individualized program with Kyle…right at Momentum! Along with the physical therapy, Kyle has brought me back to 100% as my knee is now pain free and strong. And I was able to do so while focusing on my other goals of weight loss, calorie burning and getting back into shape.”

Joan Davis        Momentum PT patient turned Momentum Athlete and is now on her way back to optimal health, performance and goal achievement.


“Momentum takes the ‘routine’ out of working out…it is like ‘One Stop Shopping’!

We are noticing much more core strength and less aches and pains than when we went to other gyms, as well as obtaining nutritional advice while we work out and at separate sit down sessions when we request them which makes it easier to achieve all of our goals!

Momentum Physical Therapy and Performance Training is a unique atmosphere that sets it apart from other gyms in the area.  Our family has had their share of injuries and we first discovered Momentum through our physical therapy sessions.  We were interested in the performance training aspect of Momentum as well.  We had never worked with a trainer and it adds a whole new dimension to working out!

Kyle, Momentum’s Performance and Strength and Conditioning Coach, personalizes a program that is suited to your needs and skill level.  He changes the routine about every four weeks, so it does not become boring and progress continues!  It is always interesting to see what workout awaits you!  If you are doing the exercises incorrectly, you will learn why and how to prevent injury.

We are also impressed with the physical therapists at Momentum. Our whole family has benefited from their knowledge and care.  It makes it easy to transition from PT to the performance training as Kyle works with the therapists to build your optimal exercise program…the best of both worlds and why Momentum PT works for us and will work you too whether you are injured or completely healthy!”

-Debbie and Kerriann Williams     Momentum Athletes and a mother and daughter duo at Momentum.

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