MPT Program

With the Performance Training Programming you will establish a functional foundation from which to build your house upon. You will work only in the most efficient manner allowing you to achieve your true potential and goals, under the supervision and progressive programming of top professionals.

Every program is developed based on the individual, their goals, limitations, prior training experience, time availability and more. The first step to devising an effective and results oriented program is a high quality evaluation, and at Momentum you will receive nothing less. Utilizing Grey Cook’s Functional Movement Screen (FMS) as the backbone of the evaluation, the team expands upon the FMS and applies more specific movement assessment strategies based on individual findings. The team then utilizes the information from this comprehensive performance evaluation to develop only the highest quality programming, ensuring a safe, injury free and efficient path to success.

Your program will encompass soft tissue work (self-massage), proper movement preparation (mobility and stability work), strength and power development, endurance, conditioning and more. The focus of each component will be based on your goals, evaluation and situational capacity.

You will receive a detailed, printed program that is updated monthly to continue progress.  You will then be taken through each step/exercise of your program to learn, understand and reinforce proper form/technique. Next is time to schedule your training times when convenient for you, come in, grab your program and get to work…but you will never be alone.

For an example MPT Performance Training Program and format click below

Example MPT Program

Momentum Performance Training utilizes semi-private (also known as small group) training. With semi-private training you will be under the eye of a performance enhancement specialist at all times. This ensures that training is safe and efficient, any questions are answered, any necessary modifications are made and above all else, motivation is constant. You will be training alongside other Momentum Performance clients looking to reach their fitness goals just as you are. The format provides a positive environment where clients can train hard, meet new people, build relationships and have fun while achieving optimal results.

For more information about the different options, pricing, special offers and more refer to the

MPT Pricing and Forms Page

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