Videos and Pictures

Momentum Performance Training Video

Before and After

Matt A Before; Baseball Skills and Northeast Longhorns AAUCoach Holliston, MA

Matt A After

Matt A Before Profile

Matt A After…huge difference!



When told that he was doing a great job with his training, nutrition and overall performance, Milford High School quarterback and pitcher Steve M responded…

“I owe it to you! You put a lot of effort and dedication in to what you do. I look forward to going to Momentum to train every time. The results are clear cut obvious which makes it easier to get up and GET AFTER IT!”…check out Steve’s before and after.

Steve M Before; Back and Shoulder Pain

Steve M After 2 Months of Performance Training; Pain free and 15 lbs of added muscle

Joe G Before

Joe G After 10 weeks

Matt F Before

Matt F After; Only 1 Month of Performance Training

Robert B Before

Robert B After

Mike K Before

Mike K After; 2 Months of Performance Training

Tom D Before

Tom D…LOST 33 lbs after 2.5 Months of Performance Training!!

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